Senior Research Projects

SudokuRuben Ascoli - 2019 - Customize sudoku puzzles according to the desired level of difficulty. Exoplanet HabitabilityShresta Bangaru - 2019 - A probabilistic assessment of the habitability of an exoplanet given estimated data about it. Digital CertamenJack McEver - 2019 - Timed Certamen practice. Hebrew BacktransliteratorAlyssa Nash - 2019 - Conversion of Hebrew represented in English (transliteration) back to Hebrew. N-body SolverZachary Kirchner - 2019 - Simulation of N-body problems. Drone SwarmsArya Kumar - 2019 - Drones learn to swarm using ML, and then actually fly via a motion capture system in the Black Box Theater. Lip SynchronizationEvan Shi - 2019 - Face and lips are tracked real time from submitted video or using the webcam. SchedulerYoung Qi - 2019 - Site to enter course TJ course preferences, and for preparing an actual schedule. Fact CheckerKevin Wang - 2019 - Makes a probabilistic determination of a simple fact based on web connections.